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Patient Stories -- Page 5

Read what other patients like you have to say about our surgeons.

From a 52-year-old woman from Wisconsin who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "When I first found out that I needed to have thyroid surgery all I could think about was the very noticeable lifetime scar, invasiveness, and the recovery time.

I decided to do some research to determine if there were any alternatives to the traditional surgery.  I discovered that Dr. Ronald Kuppersmith of Texas ENT and Allergy in College Station, Texas was using the daVinci robotic system to perform thyroid surgery.  There were multiple benefits cited. Of the benefits, I felt that no noticeable scar across my neck, minimal invasiveness and a shorter recovery time were compelling and convincing enough for me to make the decision as well as the trip.

I met with Dr. Kuppersmith who took his time listening to me.  Then with respect and kindness he carefully answered each of my questions, explained the procedure, discussed alternatives, possible risks and expressed his confidence that I was a good candidate.  That gave me confidence and trust.

The procedure went well, it felt as though I were asleep for just a few minutes.  There was very little discomfort, at the incision site only, immediately afterwards which was gone by the next day.  I was able to return to work within a little less than a week after the surgery.

The daVinci robotic procedure along with the pre and postoperative care, provided by College Station Medical Center, were a continuum of the excellent attention and personalized care I received during my initial office visit. 

It is obvious that Dr. Kuppersmith and his staff strive to offer nothing but the best for their patients.  I will never forget how well he treated me, his staff assisted and reassured me and the medical center cared and comforted me.  There is no other surgeon or place I would consider recommending to my friends or family should they ever need thyroid surgery."

From a 57-year-old woman from Washington DC who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "I have been a university professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC for the past 21 years. I had just completed twelve years serving as Chair of my department in fall 2009, and was looking forward to some time with a bit less stress, when a nodule a little larger than two centimeters was unexpectedly discovered on my left thyroid lobe....Read more

From a 40-year-old woman from North Carolina who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "In 2008, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism from a hyperfunctioning thyroid nodule. A few months later an ultrasound guided biopsy revealed a possible follicular neoplasm, making it impossible to completely rule out thyroid cancer....Read more

From a 62-year-old woman from Huntsville, Texas who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "I was excited that my surgeon was using the robot because of the maginfication it provides improves the view during surgery. I was suprised at the low level of pain and discomfort afterwards. The plus was not having a scar on my neck after surgery."

From a 32-year-old woman from College Station, Texas who underwent a total thyroidectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "I put off having my thyroid removed for 2 years. I was worried about the recovery time, the actual surgery, and the scar that I would have on my neck for a lifetime. When I finally decided to do the surgery....Read more

From a 32-year-old woman from Austin, Texas who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "Dr. Kuppersmith - I just wanted to say thank you for the care your provided for me. You are a wonderful doctor & surgeon. You made me feel comfortable & always had time to answer my (endless) questions. I am so happy I found you online & made the trek to College Station. I am ecstatic that I don't have a scar on my neck!!! Thanks for being innovative & traveling across the world to learn this new technique. Your nurses & office staff are excellent as well. I wish you all the best!"

From a 71-year-old man from Huntsville, Texas who underwent traditional total thyroidectomy: "When Dr. Kuppersmith recommended an operation to remove my thyroid gland, I envisioned...Read more