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Patient Stories -- Page 4

Read what other patients like you have to say about our surgeons.

From a 71-year-old man from Huntsville, Texas who underwent traditional total thyroidectomy: "When Dr. Kuppersmith recommended an operation to remove my thyroid gland, I envisioned the scar necklace worn by so many people I know. I had heard stories of loss of voice ('I couldn't make a sound!') and a long recovery period ('It was a lot worse than I thought it would be!'). Dr. Kuppersmith assured me that the whole procedure had improved - and, in fact, it was not unpleasant at all. I was operated on one morning and left the hospital the next morning, sporting only a two-inch incision with no visible stitches. I had promised my wife that she would be blessed with at least a few days when I wouldn't be able to talk. Happily for one of us, I never lost my voice. I was impressed with The Med hospital, the cleanliness of the facility, and the friendliness and efficiency of the staff and nurses. Dr. Kuppersmith is a skilled surgeon, concerned and caring. The day after my surgery, he called me at home to check on me and give me an update on the pathology report. I couln't be more pleased with this experience and its outcome."

From a 57-year-old woman from Washington DC who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "I have been a university professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC for the past 21 years. I had just completed twelve years serving as Chair of my department in fall 2009, and was looking forward to some time with a bit less stress, when a nodule a little larger than two centimeters was unexpectedly discovered on my left thyroid lobe....Read more

From a 52-year-old woman from Wisconsin who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "When I first found out that I needed to have thyroid surgery all I could think about was the very noticeable lifetime scar, invasiveness, and the recovery time. I decided to do some research to determine if there were any alternatives to the traditional surgery....Read more

From a 40-year-old woman from North Carolina who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "In 2008, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism from a hyperfunctioning thyroid nodule. A few months later an ultrasound guided biopsy revealed a possible follicular neoplasm, making it impossible to completely rule out thyroid cancer....Read more

From a 62-year-old woman from Huntsville, Texas who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "I was excited that my surgeon was using the robot because of the maginfication it provides improves the view during surgery. I was suprised at the low level of pain and discomfort afterwards. The plus was not having a scar on my neck after surgery."

From a 32-year-old woman from College Station, Texas who underwent a total thyroidectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "I put off having my thyroid removed for 2 years. I was worried about the recovery time, the actual surgery, and the scar that I would have on my neck for a lifetime. When I finally decided to do the surgery....Read more

From a 32-year-old woman from Austin, Texas who underwent a thyroid lobectomy using the daVinci Surgical System: "Dr. Kuppersmith - I just wanted to say thank you for the care your provided for me. You are a wonderful doctor & surgeon. You made me feel comfortable & always had time to answer my (endless) questions. I am so happy I found you online & made the trek to College Station. I am ecstatic that I don't have a scar on my neck!!! Thanks for being innovative & traveling across the world to learn this new technique. Your nurses & office staff are excellent as well. I wish you all the best!"